Standard Wheelchairs
The Invacare® Tracer® DLX presents a first for standard wheelchairs - a true dual axle position. By simply repositioning the 24" rear wheels and 8" front casters, multiple seat to floor heights can be achieved on the same wheelchair base. The new frame style also makes it possible to interchange options with the Invacare® Tracer® Titan and the Invacare® Tracer® SX. Complemented by an expansion of upholstery selections, arm styles and an increased warranty, the Tracer DLX offers a high level of flexibility at a competitive price.

Lightweight Wheelchairs
The Invacare® 9000 SL is the perfect lightweight rental wheelchair for those who want quality and durability at a moderate price. This low maintenance wheelchair also has a full complement of options and accessories. Its contemporary design and high-performance frame make the 9000 SL a definitively superior value. Meets all RESNA standards for product performance.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are specifically designed to suit the needs of smaller clients, with urethane casters for a better ride and lighter weight. Multiple frame color variations are available.

Transport Chairs
A light weight Transport Chair is convenient for any kind of travel. Frames are aluminum which gives the chair the lightweight feel, yet very sturdy and durable. Caregivers like the light weight of the chairs and the ease in which they fit into most automobile trunks or backseats.

Electric Wheelchairs
The name you have trusted for over 150 years is proud to offer Invacare Power Wheelchairs.

With a Power Wheelchair you will enjoy the freedom that you once had in moving about your home and in your daily activities. Using a simple joystick you can turn, go forward, and even backwards with ease. Each Power Wheelchair comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries.

SureStep technology provides optimum traction and stability as the Pronto M71 drives over transitions and thresholds of up to 2 inches or negotiates uneven terrain.

The Invacare Pronto M71 power wheelchair with SureStep offers excellent maneuverabulity and true mid-wheel drive performance in a compact, stylish design.

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed
Combines motorized control of positioning of the upper body and knees with the economy of manual bed height adjustment. Pendant control raises and lowers the upper body and/or knees. Manual crank adjusts bed frame height for caregiver assistance. Fixed-height model offers permanently positioned bed height, which keeps bed in a safe, convenient transfer position.

Patient Lifts
Hydraulic Lifts are designed for safety and ease of use. It helps to eliminate manual transfers and the associated stress that can lead to caregiver back injuries while supplying patients with maximum comfort and stability. Built for patients and caregivers alike, the hydraulic lift offers safety, comfort, and stability. Most important, it offers ease. That's what makes it such a great value.

Trapeze Bar
Fixed Offset Trapeze Bars are constructed of heavy-gauged octagon-steel. No tools are required for easy assembly. Its nylon coating ensures a secure grip on handbar. Wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets protect bed ends and wall surfaces. This product is for use only on floor stands or on metal-frame headboards.

Our courteous and qualified technicians deliver and setup the equipment for you. With over 150 years of combined experience, Milner Rushing technicians have the knowledge and expertise to serve your needs. Specify Milner Rushing Home Care for all your medical equipment needs
Canes and Crutches
We offer a variety of standard canes, crutches (pediatric to adult sizes) and 4-prong quad-canes. Our customer service representatives will adjust them to your needs for that personal fit. The quad canes are available in wide or narrow bases and for use on left or right side.

Contemporary walkers feature wide, deep frames with more height adjustments for enhanced leg room. Ergonomic folding mechanisms open and close more easily. And the redesigned anti-rattle silencers make the walker quieter than before. By providing both comfort and stability, walkers enable people to walk with confidence. Also available are 3 and 4 wheel walkers.

Medicare Coverage Guidelines
1. The patient must have severe arthritis of the hip or knee or have a ....severe neuromuscular disease.

2. The seat lift mechanism must be a part of the physician's course of ....treatment and be prescribed to effect improvement, or arrest or
....retard deterioration in the patient's condition.

3. The patient must be completely incapable of standing up from any
.... chair in his/her home. (The fact that a patient has difficulty or is
.... even incapable of getting up from a chair, particularly a low chair, is
.... not sufficient justification for a seat lift mechanism. Almost all
.... patients who are capable of ambulating can get out of a ordinary
.... chair if the seat height is appropriate and the chair has arms.)

4. Once standing, the patient must have the ability to ambulate.

All appropriate therapeutic modalities (e.g. medication, physical therapy) have been tried and failed to enable the patient to transfer from a chair to a standing position.
Condensed coverage guidelines Region C DMEPOS Supplier Manual (Winter 2000)
* A wheelchair is contraindicated under Medicare policy.

Horizon Total Home Care, Florence Alabama, specializes in enteral feeding pumps and supplies. Providing your loved one with the nutrition recommended by their physician. We bill Medicare, Blue Cross, and most other insurances.

Contact Horizon Total Home Care 256-764-4725 or via e-mail
Horizon Total Home Care.

"A Division of Milner Rushing Discount Drugs, Inc."

Quick Check List
If your patient or loved one...

1. Has a feeding tube (nasogastric, gastrostomy or jejunostomy)?

2. Requires enteral nutrition as main source of nutrition
... (over 750 calories daily)?

3. Has diagnoses that would require feeding via feeding tube?

If you answer yes to all three questions, then your patient or loved one should qualify for coverage under Medicare Part B Coverage.

Equipment and Supplies Provided:

• Feeding Pump
• I.V. Pole
• Feeding Kits
• Bolus
• Gravity
• Pump

Equipment and Supplies covered by Medicare Part-B

Medicare Covered items

Bedside Commodes
All In One Commodes can be used as a toilet safety frame, a raised toilet seat, or outside the bathroom as a stationary commode.

Medicare Non-Covered items
Bathroom Grab Bars
Offering sturdy, welded stainless steel construction, these grab bars come in a polished stainless steel satin finish with stainless mounting hardware included.

Bath Benches

Shower chairs are designed for
individuals who require seating support
when bathing or showering, providing
comfort and safety in the bathtub.
Transfer Bench
Transfer benches help make transfers in and out of the bathtub safer and more comfortable. One-inch anodized aluminum frame will not rust. Features an arm rail for support, and non-marring, non-slip rubber tips.

• Air Cleaners
• Elevators
• Standing Tables
• Air Conditioners
• Grab Bars
• Spas
• Air Filters
• Heat/Massage Cushions
• Telephone Alert Systems
• Air Purifiers
• Hot Tubs
• Treadmill Exerciser
• Backup DME
• Humidifiers
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Bed Baths
• Pulse Oximetry Machines
• Whirlpool Baths
• Dehumidifiers
• Shower Chairs
This is only a partial listing of items not covered by Medicare.
If you have questions please contact our insurance office at info@mrdrugs.com


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